Trade Fairs & Events - Moderation


Good wines speak for themselves - thanks to our moderators in all languages of the world.

Whether at a trade fair booth or gala: at the centre of attention there should always be your wine, not the moderator. Our experts know this. And they will do their utmost to let the wines talk to the audience.

Professional moderation will make this possible: charming, entertaining, informative. We will be happy to develop the framework for these events together with you and entirely in line with your requirements. And since every audience is different, especially at international occasions, our professionals will perfectly adapt to their needs.

And they can do this because they are able to give their presentations in English, French and other languages while considering the intercultural peculiarities. Perfect moderations with only one goal: to let your wines speak for themselves.

Practical example

Interactive Wine & Dine

Interactive Wine & Dine: Safari in the Wine Price Jungle and strolling along Aroma Alley

Our interactive Wine & Dine invites you to put together exactly those building blocks that suit your guests. Everything will revolve around enjoyment and wine – but in a completely new manner. How about strolling along Aroma Alley, for instance ?

Smell the black glasses and recognize the aromas with the help of our sommeliers. How about a safari through the Wine Price Jungle afterwards? Whoever fights his or her way through this thicket will see prices with different eyes.

And on we go: Old World or New World? Which glass with which wine? Every module offers enjoyment and information. And will lead to a fantastic meal in the end. Perfect infotainment and a delight for your taste-buds.