Consultancy Services – Wine Marketing


The best bottle of wine? Is always the one that is sold, is our sommeliers’ answer.

The wine market is highly competitive. No wonder considering the sales figures. Those who want to have a share of it should have profound insider knowledge as well as a clear market insight and comprehensive expertise.

Our sommeliers know the ropes of the wine business. Because they are closer to the consumer than others. Daily practice combined with analytical knowledge of the market results in know-how of an almost immeasurable value.

Whether you want to enter the domestic market or increase existing market shares: our experts will have the right recommendations. And they will develop a suitable strategy so that the best thing can happen to your wine: to get sold.

Practical example

Region in the Spotlight

Put your region in the spotlight – and we will prepare the stage for it

When wines of a certain wine-growing area suddenly gain special attention, it is often us who have been working hard and helping in the background.

With our know-how and our network we prepare the stages on which your wines will gain the audience’s attention. Many marketers worldwide have already made use of our competence, some of them for longer than a decade.

Bordeaux, Beaujoulais, Côtes du Rhône are only a few names; Portugal, Madeira, Rheinhessen are others. They all benefit from our market insight, our concepts and contacts. Could this also provide your region with the needed market impulse?