Consulting - Glasherstellung


Since a glass alters the wine, our sommeliers alter the glasses

A new glass or even a whole new series is a promise to the senses for a better access to the luxury food of wine. In your hand, for your eyes, on your nose and your palate.

Our sommeliers are partners welcomed by the glass industry. With their extraordinary sensory skills they can perceive even the slightest nuances. And they know how to competently assess them thanks to their vinological know-how.

This makes them ideal consultants in the development of the wine glass culture, aiming to create unique drinking vessels - which will not only enhance the experience of wine, but will also prove to be successful on the market.

Practical Example

Bordeaux meets Zwiesel

Bordeaux meets Zwiesel: a fascinating meeting with our sommeliers

The brand Zwiesel 1872 and its exclusive, hand-blown crystal glasses stand for highest sensory competence. How do you make this come alive for professionals?

Our sommeliers developed a tailor-made concept by combining the royal league of glasses with the royal league of wines. In the context of ProWein 2012, top sommeliers Thomas Sommer and Master of Wine Markus Del Monego presented top-class Bordeaux in Zwiesel 1872’s crystal glasses of the series „The First“.

A top-class event even for a spoilt audience of professionals – and which therefore will continue to be successful.