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Who knows the wine market better than Germany’s top sommeliers?

Wine does not only need to be tasty. It also needs to be profitable. But what are the future trends? What do consumers want? And how can producers, commerce and gastronomy respond to this?

There is no one better suited to answering these questions but Germany’s top sommeliers. Their precise knowledge of the market is rooted in their daily contact with customers.

This is know-how you can benefit from, offering brilliant expertise, inspiring passion, and clear answers even to complex questions. Utilize Germany’s best sommeliers for your business.

Practical Exemple


REWE-Foodservice: Due to our experts, REWE is also a leader in the area of wine service

REWE-Foodservice is one of the leading suppliers of the hotel and gastronomy industry. And our recommendations are available to each of the 35,000 Foodservice customers.

This is because the wine assortment has been developed by our experts. We have been managing the quality management of the assortment since 2008. Browse the wine catalogue on the website of REWE-Foodservice and you will find that the editorial part of the catalogue has been written by us.

Furthermore, we advise their Sales Department, develop sales activities and take care of the moderation at in-house exhibitions and customer events. This is comprehensive wine service for successful food service.